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Soualig'art - juin 2010

photo d'evenements a saint martin

Book Signings

by author Ed Arre

A Book Signing event is being held to celebrate two, wonderful, action-packed novels by Ed Arre, “The Prisoner”, and “Deadline”, both of which are set in St.Martin / St.Maarten. The Book signing will take place on July 3rd 2009, at the Roland Richardson Gallery, #6 rue de la République, Marigot, time: 6 to 8 pm. Cocktails will be served. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the author, who will also sign books throughout the evening. Cost per book: $15.
Box Notes for... Book #1, “The Prisoner” by Ed Arre: "Top secret affairs of global proportions reach the shores of our paradise island. “A fast, thrilling read! Intriguing! Impossible to put down!” Book#2, “Deadline” by Ed Arre: "Murder, mystery and black magic weave a wicked web on our not-so-saintly island. A heart stopper… from the very first page!”

Roland Richardson

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